About us

Multi Solutions is a Norwegian based company working world wide with service and chemical sales since 2013.

Our scope of work

  • Box cooler Eco Cleaning, re-coating, internal flushing and pressure testing 
  • Plate Heat Exchanger flushing without dismantling.
  • Cooling systems flushing of supporting pipes for engines and generators
  • Vacuum system flushing – removal of urinary stone and other deposits inside vacuum pipes
  • Freshwater system cleaning – removal of bacteria, biofilm and other deposits inside freshwater tanks and pipe systems. Approved by Norwegian Food Authorities.
  • Eco Cleaning of surfaces- removal of rust, grease, limescale and other organic deposits
  • OEM Spareparts for box coolers, plate heat exchangers and ICAF systems.
  • Shipsonic provider

Our solutions ensure that maintenance operations can be performed cost efficient, fast, less personnel intensive and eco-friendly – We renew your assets.
All our products supporting the UN Sustainability Goals and ESG standards, NEMS, REACH, HOCNF, CEFAS and ISO certifications NS-EN ISO 9001:2015 NS-EN ISO 14001:2015, Achilles

We are located in Sunde, Norway, with local HUBS in Europe, Asia, UAE and Africa.

Cooperating hubs

We have cooperative hubs locating around the world.
See complete list.

Sustainability Development Goals

Sustainability Development Goals