We are a small Norwegian company with a wingspan that reaches globally. Our supervisors and operators are ready to travel anywhere in the world on short notice to make sure we provide our customers with the systems and services they expect and deserve.

Our main services:

  • Box cooler and rack cooler service; dismantling, cleaning, change of parts, pressure testing
  • Vacuum system cleaning – removal of urinary stone and other deposits inside vacuum pipes
  • Freshwater system cleaning – removal of bacteria, biofilm and other deposits inside freshwater tanks and pipes
  • Heat exchangers – full cleaning of heat exchangers without disassembly
  • Cleaning and preservation of surfaces

Our solutions ensure that maintenance operations can be performed cost efficient, faster, less personnel intensive and eco-friendly – raising your operations and maintenance programs to a new level.

All our products comply with the latest environmental standards issued in the REACH, HOCNF, CEFAS and ISO certifications.