Aluminium Ferry in West of Norway treated with MultiAlu

Multi Solutions have successfully completed a new aluminium ferry with our milestone product MultiAlu.

The aluminium ferries are pre-treated with MultiAlu prior to painting. We aplly the MultiAlu to all aluminium surfaces using an airless spray-gun. The MultiAlu workes for 30-45 minutes before being washed off. We use pressurized air to dry the surfaces and the vessels are ready to be painted.

As the product MultiAlu have a verification done by neutral part KIWA / TI according to ASTM requirements – and ilac-MRA, the customers get a neutral part documenting the MultiAlus quality as a trustable product.

For each ferry were we use MultiAlu instead of mechanical work to the get the aluminium surfaces ready for painting, the customers save up to 75% man-hours. There are great cost efficiencies, as well as environmental benefits, to substitute mechanical work with our MultiAlu.

The Mechanical strength (adhesion) was far higher than the required one, stated in ASTM requirements.