Box cooler life-extension through eco-cleaning and recoating

MULTI SOLUTIONS team – together with SÄKAPHEN® and VITA Enterprises did a great work in Eco-cleaning, blasting and recoating application of box coolers in Singapore.  The collaborative and proactive approach from the entire project team has resulted in another successful delivery of the recoating project. Do not hesitate to contact us for quotes @

SÄKATONIT®  Extra AR is a superior hydrophobic mechanically durable 2 component epoxy-based coating.

Our customer have done extended tests with SÄKAPHEN® recoated coolers – inspections done after one year sailing time.

Result shows phenomenal result with the SÄKATONIT® Extra AR-F, neither the ICAF impressed current cathodic protection system, nor erosion have any negative effect on the coating done. MULTI SOLUTIONS and SÄKAPHEN® have proven through a new project with recoating – a box cooler life extension – cost effective and with highest quality.

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coating process in Singapore

“Box in a row” – Total 16 coolers in 1 week operational window
Coating layer perfectly at all areas…adhesion strong – because of the properly eco-cleaning – of most importance


Eco-cleaning station with MultiBag – patented Eco-cleaning system from Multi Solutions, well done by VITA`s No. 1 guy, Mr. Sunda


Box cooler after Eco-cleaning

After Eco-cleaning


Blasting and 2nd cleaning