Cleaning of Swivel Stack for One Subsea in Singapore

Multi Solutions Service personell did Eco-cleaning with Multi Gel on a 27 meter high swivel stack in Singapore at Keppel Fels shipyard in May-June 2016. All operation done by Supervisor and Operators from Multi Solutions.

Carbon, Stainless and Duplex steel on the 6 floor swivel stack where cleaned according to customers demand. During operation our team did use the eco-friendly Multi Gel on the surface, and the operation went smoothly for under one week. Complex areas with hot-dipped galvanized stud bolts where protected before the spraying with our Multi Gel. Multi Solutions have 100% control of the whole operation, from production of the Multi Gel, SJA, operation and the Final Survey and Final Report.

Swivel Stack:


Pictures Before/After, working time 6 hours with Multi Gel.

dsc_0076  dsc_0099

Protecting complex areas with Hot Dipped Galvanized: