CPC Engineering our Service Partner in Australia

Multi Solutions is proud to announce it has signed a licensing agreement with CPC Engineering in Australia. CPC Engineering – is a quality service provider, with extended knowledge and its ability to provide professional, efficient and cost effective engineering design, fabrication, construction and maintenance services to its clients.
CPC is a leading mid-tier provider of engineering design, construction and maintenance services to the minerals resource sector.

CPC and Multi Solutions partnership agreement will enable Environmental friendly cleaning services to be provided to their client base.
CPC’s presence in Perth, Kalgoorlie, Kambalda, Port Hedland, Ravensthorpe and Esperance, will open up the ability to provide for all Multi products and systems to be included into CPC services, engineering and operations.

Multi Solutions product range and systems for Eco-cleaning, will provide CPC’s existing and new clients a wider service range, of services to reduce costs and risks in the cleaning of plant. With the world wide backing and support of Multi Solutions group and local Australian support the work performed by CPC will be risk free and provide another service in supporting the efforts in improving safety performance whilst also reducing costs.

For more information please contact see website; www.cpcengineering.com.au