Multi Solutions successfull job on Edda Fides in Singapore

The newly established Multi Solutions Singapore team working in Sembcorp Marine yard onboard the EDDA Fides owned by Eddaaccomodation ltd providing cost effective solutions for eco-cleaning the box coolers.

By using Multi Solutions  system – MultiBag – the Edda Fides vessel did get a environmental friendly and efficient cleaning operation for all their coolers installed onboard.

 Over time, the cooling ribs are covered by algae, growth, shells and minerals from the seawater, and may lose some of the cooling effect. Removing this greenery and disposal is a challenging task.
– Traditionally, the systems have been landed for scraping or high pressure flushing – a rather painstaking and challenging process that can easily damage the thin coating on the cooling ribs.

 The MultiBag solution seals the box coolers into a specially designed bag before flushing in the MultiScale eco-cleaning fluid. The composition and system make this fluid effective for the removal of all organic growth. At the same time, the liquid contains only harmless and biodegradable substances and presents an insignificant risk to the environment or the surfaces to be cleaned.

 Eco-cleaning with MultiBag saves the customer time and costs. Instead of taking the coolers out of the ship and maybe carrying them off to a work-shop, the use of MultiBag system makes it possible for a “clean in place”

 Owners/operators who have vessels calling Singapore for maintenance or biosecurity dockings please be sure to contact the local team for a discussion on your requirements so we can work with you on a cost-effective solution.

Edda Fides vessel
Edda Fides vessel have No. 31 Box Coolers – all Eco-cleaned by Multi Solutions
Box Coolers lift up in machinery room


Crew Eco-cleaning with MultiBag system
Box Cooler out of MultiBag, clean and ready for new operation


Coating is well protected through our inhibitors in the MultiScale environmental friendly chemical.
Eco-cleaning inside piping with MultiScale


Pipes inside after flushing


Pressure test of each Box Cooler after cleaning is done – all OK