MultiGel test in Almannajuvet – Norway

Almannajuvet in western part of Norway, close to Sauda, have a pipeline build in the 1930`s. The pipeline was constructed and build by Saudefaldene AS, which is a Norwegian power company established in 1913 for the construction and operation of hydroelectric power stations in Saudavassdraget in Sauda, Rogaland. Saudefaldene.

Saudefaldene was purchased by Elkem in 1981. In January 2011, Orkla Elkem sold to Chinnese Bluestar while the shareholding in Saudefaldene was retained by Orkla.

Multi Solutions along with representatives from Saudefaldene have done a successfully eco-cleaning test on parts of the pipeline to verify that MultiGel effectively removes prolonged growth from several years with harsh weather and rain in western part of Norway.   The test was also to experience that the MultiGel in a environmental friendly way, removes rust covered over the painting – without damage the structure of the coating system delivered from Jotun.   All test where a success, and Multi Solutions looking forward for more cooperation with our new customer – Saudefaldene in Norway. The power industry in Norway is a new customer opportunity for Multi Solutions, and we hope for more interest from the other Energy companies in Norway to come.

Pic 01: Almannajuvet
Pic 02: Surface before cleaning with MultiGel
Pic 03: Surface after 2 hours treatment with MultiGel
Pic 04: two sides between extension /flange