Norsk Hydro flushing test with success

Multi Solutions successfully test for plate heat exchanger at Norsk Hydro Holmestrand

Multi Solutions finished test at Norsk Hydro Holmestrand with success. Norsk Hydro Holmestrand produce aluminum.

Our in-house produced Multi Scale get a challenge to clean a plate heat exchanger which have never been cleaned other than with dismantling the plates inside the exchanger, which is mechanical work. Multi Scale offered a test to see if we could be the first to clean in a totally enclosed process, with the Multi CIP and the Multi Scale.

The medium inside the plate heat exchanger is scale from the aluminum production line, the scale is basically aluminium oxide. This scale layer sticks strongly inside the plate heat exchanger because of high temperature drop from 1200 to 70 dgrs.(app) in the production of the aluminum.

Based on this successfully test, Multi Solutions have a new customer, and we also see that our product have open the range into a new industry for us to focus on.


Multi CIP in operation

Mann i maskin 4