Re-coating of Box Coolers at Yard

Multi Solutions have successfully re-coated box coolers at shipyard in Western Norway.

First we cleaned the box coolers with MultiScale, using our MultiBag system.
After removing all the marine growth we got a proper look at the condition of the coating. The coating was in bad condition and we agreed with the vessel owner that they should be re-coated.

We coated the box coolers twice using Jotacoat F60.

Third party marine inspectors are referring a technical problem encountered in a number of fishing and offshore support vessels, which have reported sea water leakage at the top of sea chests, located in the engine room. The sea chest holds a box cooler and the leakage has been experienced at the bolt flange between the box cooler and the sea chest.

In a number of cases, severe corrosion damage has been observed in the carbon-steel mounting flange on top of the sea chest. In some cases the flange was found to be partially wasted and in a few cases the bolts connecting the box cooler to the bolt flange were also heavily corroded. Additionally, the aft shell plating of a sea chest itself was found to be nearly corroded through, in an area covering 200 mm by 200 mm. It is of utmost importance, when mounting a box cooler in a sea chest, that the watertight integrity of the vessel is maintained. A considerable sea water leakage in an undermined sea chest may cause large ingress of water in the engine room if not noticed in time.

Corrosion damages have, through third party reports, been addressed to damaged coating at pipes on the box coolers. The risk of corrosion increases significantly if the coating is damaged, exposing the metal on the tubes.

Multi Solutions re-coating services – is an effective preservation for corrosion attack on the flanges and bolts.

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Corrosion at flanges (pic. from DNV GL)
Cooler after cleaning
Cooler after re-coating