Roadtrip to the North with Mal Proff Coatings

Mal Proff as cooperative partner with Multi Solutions, did a 5 days Roadtrip to the North of of Norway.

We visit a handful of Yards and ship-owners in the North of Norway.

We started in Hammerfest with a demo of the Multi Bag system, showing several of our customers how the system works in practice. After Hammerfest we went to Havøysund – an impressive location in many ways. The location itself, and the interest from the service personell at Havøysund Patentslipp for the Multi products overwhelming.

We showed in a practical way mounting up the hardware for MultiBag, MultiCIP and the Multi products – how it works – and clean in a environmental package. After Havøysund we take the long drive to Kirkenes, where we visit KIMEK shipyard, and had a full Demo as well. After Kirkenes it was south again to Øksenfjord for the final day.

Conclusion from Mal Proff and Multi Solutions is by having a local presence, and a personal follow up with our customers, we are a strong team and show we are serious by providing the best solutions for our customer.


PIC: Geir from Mal Proff Coatings, getting ready for DEMO


PIC: Nice view driving over Finnmarksvidda..