Saekaphen and Multi Solutions W.W AGREEMENT

Multi Solutions and SÄKAPHEN have formally teamed up to offer a solution for Eco-cleaning and Re-coating marine box coolers at any location globally.

The importance of high-quality coating and well performed application, have already been raised by Class Society. Life Extension of box coolers at site is now possible – with tested products and well-developed and proven procedures.


Jointly Multi Solutions and SÄKAPHEN can offer Box Cooler Life Extension through Re-coating service for clients at the location where vessels are drydocking, removing the need to return old coolers to OEM workshops, or replace coolers with new units. To date more than 250 coolers have been successfully recoated in Europe, Asia, Middle East and South America. The applied coating has proven its performance in service in various waters and being exposed to the influence of the ICAF systems.

SÄKAPHEN is a family owned German business, it distinguishes itself through its individual coating solutions for customer-specific requirements. It has specially developed the low VOC coating material SÄKATONIT® Extra AR-F for box cooler coating and re-coating. The coating is chemically resistant to all types of water, including brackish, river and sea water as well as deionized water, aqueous acidic and alkaline solutions and acidic cleaners. The surface is hard elastic, abrasion-resistant with hydrophobic properties and reduces caking, incrustation and fouling.

Multi Solutions is a global industrial Service company specializing amongst other things innovative Eco-cleaning of marine box coolers using their own patented systems and products. Multi Solutions has a global presence with head office in Norway and supported by business units in Singapore and Australia. Multi Solutions has a strong track record of developing cost saving procedures to tackle their clients challenging requirements.

Please see attached pictures from already executed projects:

BEFORE Saekaphen coating: