Sea water box cooler cleaning

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Pictures above are illustrating a cleaning sequence of box coolers from an offshore vessel. In this case we only submerged the lower part of the cooler into our liquid chemical in order to show the difference before and after cleaning. Result was stunning and no remains of barnacles or stubborn glue where the barnacle has been grown to the material were visible after our cleaning sequence. Our liquid will reach all areas of the tubes and ensure a full result throughout the tube nest. Our cleaning system ensures no sacrificing of material or coating which is a vital factor for extended cooler quality and company economy. Some vessels have exchange coolers which can be used as swing sets and Multi Solutions AS can offer a cooler service in our workshop facility where bath for submerging different sizes and shapes are feasible. We can offer a full service including pressure testing. Our service will come complete with service report and pressure testing certificate. You are welcome to visit our website for more information of our services and contacts. Multi Solutions AS is a growing company where development is an important part in our daily work. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice and arrangements for your needs.