Successful vacuum system cleaning onboard M/F Oppedal

Long term use of vacuum sewage pipes will result in scale build up that restricts the flow of sewage through the system. When left untreated, the scale build up will over time be so severe that the system blocks up due to the restriction. It’s a very costly and time consuming process to replace affected sections of the system.

Multi Solutions offer a cost efficient choice which is both environmentally friendly and harmless to personnel working with the cleaning process.

Multi Solutions were appointed to clean out scale build up from three decks of the vessel.  To those three decks there are 16 toilets connected. The pipe system is built of plastic pipes with a nominal diameter of 50mm from toilets to main line and main line 50mm.

Multi Solutions CIP cleaning unit was used for circulating a 30% solution of Multi Solutions liquid in the whole section for 12 hours. The liquid was heated to 50°C by built in heating element in the CIP cleaning unit. Picture below shows the unit circulating the entire vacuum system.


Multi Solutions service team is during the cleaning process constantly monitoring the process by testing liquid quality to ensure efficiency in cleaning process and visual inspections in order to avoid leaks in the system.