Vacuum system cleaning at Hurtigruten / MS Richard With

Long term use of vacuum sewage pipes will result in scale build up that restricts the flow of sewage through the system. When left untreated, the scale build up will over time be so severe that the system blocks up due to the restriction.

System cleaning was performed by Multi Solutions, starting during transit from Bergen, Norway to Landskronavarvet, Sweden where job was completed for selected sections in fore ship deck 1 & 2.

63 toilets are connected to the selected sections. The pipe system is built of Galvanized pipes with a nominal diameter of 50mm from toilets to main line and main line75 mm.
Below are two pictures illustrating vacuum pipes before cleaning process started.

Æsj1 Æsj2


Multi Solutions CIP cleaning was performed with a 30% solution of organic liquid heated to 50°C in each section for a period of 24 hours.


As for the results, only a thin layer remains.


Æsj5 Æsj4 Æsj3

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